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Martinus Publishing is a small press specializing in Science Fiction & Fantasy, and uncanny stories in-between. We seek to discover and promote up-and-coming authors, and produce quality literature from today's best genre writers. Visit us often as we venture forth on our literary journey!

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New & Upcoming Releases:

Martinus Publishing's Author Spotlight Series!
A series of single-author e-book collections, Martinus Publishing's new Author Spotlight series will feature some of MP's favorite writers, including a mix of brand new and reprinted tales. Get some of the best short stories from select authors, and keep an eye out for future installments.

*Cover artwork by Lizzy Freeman.
Check out more by this artist here!

Author Spotlight Series #3:
The Worlds of Bruno Lombardi

Order It Here Today!

Explore a myriad of worlds and realities with the imaginative insight of Bruno Lombardi! From hilarious to bone-chilling, these exciting tales will leave you dreaming of the possibilities of tomorrow, yesterday, and today!

1: A Thursday Night at Doctor What's Time and Relative Dimension Space Bar and Grill
It's a tough job being a time-traveling bartender, especially when people start talking about killing Hitler.

2: Just One Vote...
In a repressed future, the resistance must go to extraordinary lengths to sow the seeds of rebellion.

3: A Company of Deaths
As mankind ventures into space, Death finds he needs a little help with the workload, and seeks fresh recruits to his business.

4: Gold Fever
An impoverished miner gets more than he bargained for in his quest for wealth during the Canadian gold rush.

5: Mr. Cuddles
To become a crime-fighting super hero, one must take mentorship from... his childhood teddy bear?

6: Here Be Monsters
A brilliant scientist discovers who the true enemies of humanity are and goes to extreme measures to fight them... or is he simply mad?

7: The Road was Lit with Moon and Star
The Apollo 11 moon landing has failed, resulting in the deaths of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Now, David Daniel Thomas Patton must complete the mission, and take that one small step...

8: The Amazing Adventures of Frank Lomanno!
An aspiring writer finds himself daydreaming through his mundane life, until his reality becomes stranger than fiction.

Coming Soon!

Altered Europa
An Alternate History Anthology

Behold History the way it wasn't!

Explore the age-old question, What-if, with 21 tales of alternate history!

What if Rome had never fallen?
What if the Soviet Union sent a man to Mars?
What if the Austrian Empire reigned supreme?
What if Ireland had fought for their independence in the 1860s?
What if World War III had struck in the 1980s?

These and many more scenarios are explored in Altered Europa

Released April 2, 2017!
Order Your Print Copy:

$12.50 with free shipping in the USA!
Kindle Version

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Featuring the following stories:

1: The Public Execution of Winston Churchill by William Rade
A condemned leader of the defeated Allies prepares for his sentence to be carried out.

2: Foundation and Evil Empire by Sam Kepfield
If Isaac Asimov had lived behind the Iron Curtain, how would the Soviet Union have reacted to his literature?

3: Fenians by Dan Gainor
An American general seeks to incite an Irish revolution in 1866.

4: The Twenty Year Reich by Dave D'Alessio
Der Fuhrer is dead, and Hitler's Germany, conqueror of Europe, answers the only way it knows how.

5: N'oublions Jamais by Bruno Lombardi & Tom Anderson
How horrible would the Battle of the Somme have been with differing alliances?

6: A Damn Foolish Thing by Cyrus P. Underwood
How would the world look today if Germany had won the Great War?

7: The Great Bear by Alex Shalenko
As the echoes of America's 1969 Moon landing reverberate behind the Iron Curtain, the Soviet Union prepares a most ambitious plan to go one step further...

8: Verum Fidei by Charles Wilcox
As the Ottomans lay seige to Malta, a young knight is plagued with troubling moral dilemmas.

9: The Fourth Pandemic by Tim Moshier
In 1940, a crippling plague strikes the Soviet Union, with lasting repercussions.

10: A.E.I.O.U. by Dr. Tom Anderson
What would it mean for Austria and the world if Frederick the Great had thrown his life away in despair on the battlefield?

11: The Archers by DJ Tyrer
After the crippling devastation of WWIII, Britain chooses to rebuild by looking toward the past.

12: Ave, Caesarion by Deborah L. Davitt
When Julius Caesar lies dying of old age, his son by Cleopatra, Caesarion, must shoulder the burdens of Empire.

13: Timeshift without an Arc -by Martin T. Ingham
Stranded in a primitive future, temporal agents seek to uncover how their history has been altered, and to thwart a time meddler wreaking havoc in the past.

14: A Rare Chance at the Enemy by Mark Mellon
Spring 1806: The English whale confronts the French elephant with no practical way for either one to destroy the other. Or is there?

15: Shaken, Shot, and Stirred by Ryan McCall
When France turns Communist after WWII, a British spy finds himself in hot water after a botched operation, and must answer to the Director of Naval Intelligence, Ian Fleming.

16: The Fire Tulips by Mike Jansen
The Dutch must defend their Mediterranean trade with the most feared artillery, as the Ottomans press a heated trade war.

17: Voyage by Murray Braun
A marrano admiral, commissioned by Spain's king and queen to sail to India in 1492, is assisted by both ghostly and adept human crew.

18: The Forbidden Fuel by Sergio Palumbo
Bristol, UK 1891: the Detective son of a dead inventor investigates the disappearances of homeless and poor people, but the truth poses a dire threat for those responsible, and for himself.

19: Megali Hellas by Ryan McCall
How would a political shift in Greece have impacted the rise of Mussolini in Italy?

20: The Battle of Tim Hortons by Bruno Lombardi & Ben Prewitt
When World War III breaks out in the 1980's, mayhem ensues with a ragtag band of Canadian soldiers fighting in Europe.

21: That'll Be the Day by Michael McAndrews Bailey
A UN official from the United Arab Republics beholds a desolate Germany, crippled by war and occupation, nearly 200 years after World War III.

Cover art by Denise Roos
Check out more of her work at http://dementedpirate.deviantart.com

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