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Martinus Publishing is a small press specializing in Science Fiction & Fantasy, and uncanny stories in-between. We seek to discover and promote up-and-coming authors, and produce quality literature from today's best genre writers. Visit us often as we venture forth on our literary journey!

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Released March 2022!

Amish Rule The World

Simple, devout, pacifist...

Amish rule? Explore these ten imaginative tales in which the Amish way of life takes charge over the Earth. From alternate histories to post-apocalyptic prophecies, dare to explore what the world would be like if the Amish were in charge.

Featuring stories by Diane Arrelle, TL Barrett, Bruno Lombardi, Jeff Provine, Dave D’Alessio, Barbara Austin, Daniel Glasser, Shawn Cook, Dan Gainor, and Martin T. Ingham.

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Tales of Repression, Restriction, and Rebellion

Release date: December 18, 2019

Throughout recorded history, there have been rules and regulations, customs and traditions. Some have been libertine while others oppressive; the morally strict and the sinfully decadent. There have always been those who impose the law, and those who reject it. Wherever there is civilization, there are things that are Forbidden!

Forbidden is an anthology about that which is disallowed, whether it be the law or custom of a society, a particular group, or even just a single individual. Stories that illustrate the sense or insanity of that which is disallowed, all with an eye on adventure, world-building, and thought-provoking entertainment!

From the distant past to the far future, explore 17 stories of individuals inventing, partaking in, or resisting that which is Forbidden!

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Featuring the following stories:

Red Raven –by Karl G. Rich
A tale of ancient spirits and forbidden love.

The Enemy Within –by KA Masters
At the fall of Troy, a goddess uses forbidden power to give a dead soldier a second chance to serve...

Duty –by William Rade
Trade on the high seas can cost a fortune, whether in taxes or blood.

Ultra Red –by Sam Kepfield
A murderer is killing young women during the Nixon era, and a forbidden government program may be responsible.

A Devil of a Deal –By Stephen A. Fox
A lawyer is asked to sue Satan, yet how does one trick the ultimate trickster?

The Wind –By James Dorr
His daughter's death was due to an "act of God." But didn't that mean God was to blame?

The Violation –by Charles Joseph Albert
Technologically, it's not that hard for an Earth physicist to transcend space-time... the trick is to get past the 7th Council.

Progress –by G. Lloyd Helm
When paper becomes exceedingly rare, books become forbidden relics.

Fetuscam –by James Dorr
In a not-distant future, abortion has finally been made a crime equivalent to murder, and the police even have a special unit to entrap offenders.

Suicide Job –by Wendy Dranfield
It may be illegal to take your own life, but not if the Government helps you.

Radical Normal –by Ira Nayman
In a post-singular world where anything is possible, being normal may be the most radical act of all.

Outnumbered –by Frank Roger
In a world where numbers are forbidden, terror comes in the form of numerical grafitti.

Zack's Rescue –by Kevin Stadt
Long after the fall of civilization, a man who can't die struggles to give himself permission to live.

Haven –by Anthony Engebretson
In a society where loudness is prohibited, silence can be deafening.

Border Skirmish –by Dave D'Alessio
When the Hhoozbk fleet reached Terran space, they were told they could not enter it armed... it was forbidden. The Hhoozbk took that as a challenge...

Neither Do They Spin –by William RD Wood
In some dark corners of the universe, even our very lives are Forbidden!

The Patriot Awakened –By Martin T. Ingham
In a primitive future where knowledge and literature are forbidden, Noah is content to be a loyal serf to his feudal masters... until Sergeant Davis shows him the spirit of rebellion.

Martinus Publishing's Author Spotlight Series!
A series of single-author e-book collections, Martinus Publishing's new Author Spotlight series will feature some of MP's favorite writers, including a mix of brand new and reprinted tales. Get some of the best short stories from select authors, and keep an eye out for future installments.

Author Spotlight Series #3:
The Worlds of Bruno Lombardi
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Explore a myriad of worlds and realities with the imaginative insight of Bruno Lombardi! From hilarious to bone-chilling, these exciting tales will leave you dreaming of the possibilities of tomorrow, yesterday, and today!

1. A Thursday Night at Doctor What's Time and Relative Dimension Space Bar and Grill
-It's a tough job being a time-traveling bartender, especially when people start talking about killing Hitler.

2. Just One Vote...
-In a repressed future, the resistance must go to extraordinary lengths to sow the seeds of rebellion.

3: A Company of Deaths
-As mankind ventures into space, Death finds he needs a little help with the workload, and seeks fresh recruits to his business.

4: Gold Fever
-An impoverished miner gets more than he bargained for in his quest for wealth during the Canadian gold rush.

5: Mr. Cuddles
-To become a crime-fighting super hero, one must take mentorship from... his childhood teddy bear?

6: Here Be Monsters
-A brilliant scientist discovers who the true enemies of humanity are and goes to extreme measures to fight them... or is he simply mad?
7: The Road was Lit with Moon and Star
-The Apollo 11 moon landing has failed, resulting in the deaths of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Now, David Daniel Thomas Patton must complete the mission, and take that one small step...

8: The Amazing Adventures of Frank Lomanno!
-An aspiring writer finds himself daydreaming through his mundane life, until his reality becomes stranger than fiction.

Author Spotlight Series #1:
Escapist Garbage
-by Martin T. Ingham
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Featuring 7 tantalizing tales of science fiction and fantasy:

1: The Long Hunt
Prisoner of war Warren Caruso plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with alien captors who wish to train themselves against human prey.

2: The Killing of Yesterday
A murderer preys upon the past, and Temporal Agent Jack Baker must uncover his identity before the future is rewritten forever.

3: A Bridge Too Near (Read It Here)
What fame awaits the legendary hero who slays the notorious troll of Bannocksburg bridge?

4: Vendetta's End
Pirates of an alien sea seek the ultimate prize, a cyborg's head, and with it a means to escape to the stars!

5: A Dwarf at High Noon
The introduction to Martin T. Ingham's "West of the Warlock" book series, dwarven gunslinger Boron "Ron" Grimes comes to the wild west town of Selwood, Nevada, in search of the half-elf who murdered his brother. His only obstacle to avenging his kin lies in the form of the local sheriff, James Doliber, a certified Warlock with a mandate to uphold law and order, while seeking justice all the same.

6: .405
From Martin T. Ingham's "Rogue Investigations" book, John Rage receives a clue to his heritage that leads him to the remote town of Icewater Springs, Alaska. Paired with his recent investigative partner, Amanda Alfaro, Rage will uncover a mystery beyond imagining frozen in the Arctic ice, and learning the truth about his grandfather will threaten to make him a permanent resident of the glacier!

7: Where Once My Heart Has Traveled
Max Colwell wakes up one morning to find himself on an alien world, in a refugee camp populated with human beings from a wide span of Earth's history... and it's future. Yet, what is the meaning of this strange collection of humanity, and what does it portend?

Author Spotlight Series #2:
Our Heroes Through Tomorrow -by Dan Gainor
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Heroes are the people we all dream of being. Whether it�s a teenaged boy in West Texas caught in a war, a billionaire intent on saving the spirit of his nation or a starship captain hundreds of light years from earth, they all want to be the best people they can.

This book is dedicated to those who have to make those monumental choices and perhaps the ultimate sacrifice. Nationally recognized media critic and writer Dan Gainor has woven tales of alternate history, time travel, aliens, zombies, space epics and war into a collection any lover of classic sci-fi should love.

Enjoy six scintillating stories from a modern master of speculative fiction:

1: Unintended Consequences
In a future where nuclear weapons no longer function, conventional warfare rears its ugly head as America becomes the target of a hostile invasion, and a young computer wiz finds himself in the thick of the fight.

~Read the beginning of this story for free!~

2: We The People
A billionaire rancher seeks to rekindle the spirit of America... by cloning the Founding Fathers!

3: Soul Tracker
A science-fiction epic of alien worlds, conjoined souls, and one man's quest to become the ultimate warrior.

4: Original Sin
College students set out on a quest to prove that time travel is possible, only to find themselves stranded in an all too familiar past, with a crucial decision to make about altering fate.

5: Just Desserts
Aliens seek to neutralize the "human threat" through a virus that makes "zombies" all too real... only, what will be the true consequence of this bio-warfare?

6: Drawing A Line
In a future where humanity is conquered and fragmented amidst the stars, the last soldiers must hold the line between warrior and pirate as they struggle to fight for freedom and survival.

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